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Dear Partners,

It is our pleasure to present you the latest catalogue of ZMM Ltd.

The catalogue products are aimed to serve the purposes of wood working, metal-cutting and processing of plastics for window systems, both for the SME and industrial production.

You, as experts are well aware of the importance of the tool quality that can be decisive for the proper operation of the machine, as well as for the whole production process efficiency. The right tool is the key to your production success. Excellent products can be manufactured only with excellent tool.

The team of ZMM Ltd has accumulated a lot of knowledge and experiences regarding the product conception– a know-how, which stays at your disposal.

We know the market and the market knows us since 1973!

Total solutions

We are not only tool and equipment producer, we solve problems and offer overall solutions, that grant our clients the benefits of accumulated know-how and skill. We are responsible for the products and the services that you provide and guarantee for their quality and functionality.

Not a problem, but a chance

The specialists in ZMM Ltd will advice and guide you through the whole process, providing you consultations in order you to choose the right tools. This gives you the chance to find the exact solutions – either a standard, special or tailored made tool.

We can offer you not only a problem solution, but a chance to improve your production, cut the production costs and develop your unused capacity.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Let us improve your competitiveness working together.

Allow us to open in front of you a whole new world of possibilities….


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